PARTNER RISK has exclusive rights to use Payback model: A component of the underwriting profit made by the PARTNER RISK payback portfolio of policies will be distributed annually to qualifying clients for the main purpose of investing in risk improvements.

Amounts paid back to insured clients are similar to a performance or out-bonus.

The total payback pool is funded annually with a maximum of 5% of PARTNER RISK’s payback portfolio gross written premium (GWP)

At an account level there are two parts that make up the payback payment to clients. Up to 2.5% of client premium is allocated to the long term pay back (LTP), and an additional 2.5% of client premium is available in the short term pay back (STP).

STP and LTP amounts are calculated annually and paid annually (LTP after 3 years) to clients.

In addition, a discretionary pay back (DPB) amount, after allocations to LTP and STP, may be paid annually to selected clients as agreed with PARTNER RISK.